The Robert Salzer Foundation is a trust for the support of the arts, notably the performing and graphic arts.

The trust fund is held solely for charitable purposes including, most notably, providing at the Trustee's discretion, money, property or benefits to or for any body, institution, trust organisation, association or club which is carried on for the purpose of one or more of, or whose purposes include, producing, promoting, developing encouraging and/or supporting accomplishments in the field or spheres of any one or more music, ballet, literature and any other performing or graphic arts in the State of Victoria.

Applicants will be expected to have Charity Tax Concession Status.

The Foundation cannot consider applications for support of individuals' private study projects, or of "for profit" projects of any kind.

The directors meet quarterly to review grant applications. 

Please note, due to the current ongoing commitments of the Robert Salzer Foundation, all granting income for 2017/18 has been fully expended.

New applicants seeking funding prior to July 1, 2018 should seek funding elsewhere. 

Organisations who maintain a current relationship with the Robert Salzer Foundation are encouraged to call to confirm their future funding requests.  

Submission Dates for Grants in 2018 are as follows; 

Thursday 1st February 
Thursday 26th April 
Thursday 19th July
Thursday 18th October 

Please note applications will now be accepted online


The Directors of the Robert Salzer Foundation are:
Robert Symons, John Sharkey, Robert Johanson and Karen Wood

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